Coaching and Mentoring

The road of life is better traveled with others!

A quarter of a century. Nearly 25 years! That's how long Peter Keady has been mentoring, discipling and caring for teens and their families. From volunteer to bi-vocational, to full time ministry, he's run the gamut of scenarios and situations molding his view and capabilities in wonderful ways.

Drawing on years of experience in forging ministries and in corporate and freelance business crucibles, Peter offers life-changing coaching and mentoring through the eyes of a veteran! He seeks to draw out your best vision, what truly stirs your heart, personally and professionally in order for you to excel in your passion. It's your life, live it fully!

Sometimes, just having someone with the skill and experience of navigating rough waters and maneuvering through slow streams can help get you to the next level. Peter's exclusive approach can help you succeed in both your personal life and professional undertakings.

Trained in coaching and personality strengths (SDI), you'll get a personal, tailored approach that's passionate and encouraging.

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Do you know what direction you're headed, and how to navigate it well?

At the Sag Harbor Yacht Club on Long Island, NY. This was another of Peter's solo runs. He had a blast, but rides with friends are so much more enjoyable.


We're providing some "downloadable" articles, specifically tailored to ministry professionals. More are on the way, so keep your eyes peeled. We're offering these free of charge, right now. if you'd like to discuss coaching and mentoring options, drop us a note and we'll get started with the Mentoring Guide!


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The views can be spectacular, with a little help! Long Island sound. I wished I had someone to share this with! It was breathtaking!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.
— African Proverb